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Romaines are long-head lettuces, their narrower leaves are crisp and contain lots of flavour.  Explore just some of what they can offer: as I wax lyrical about them you can bring these delights to your summer meals by sowing this trio this July!  This collection contains one packet (75 seeds) each of...


Cimmaron ~ simply wow: a 25-30cm, deep-red head with good flavour and a crisp tender texture. Virtually impervious to bolting this has been a gardener’s favourite for many years

Freckles ~ oh my goodness this is a beauty – think what if Jackson Pollack designed a lettuce! You will grow pretty crinkled crisp glossy green leaves speckled with maroon, and they are very tasty This heirloom variety will be adding colour and flavour to your salads for many weeks

Jericho ~ glorious.  If you love cut-&-come-again then your first crop will be after just 4 weeks.  Even in the hottest of summers Jericho can also be grown to its statuesque tall glory and still keep all of its quality.

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Lettuce Cimmaron (romaine)
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Lettuce Freckles (romaine)
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