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Flavour, flavour, flavour all the way for this summer and autumn.  Sow now and plan ahead or fresh veggies from your plot.  And if you are just starting you growing adventures then discover a wide range of deliciousness by starting now.   This collection contains one packet each of...


Broccoli Raab Sessantia ~ with edible leaves, shoots and small florets everyone is surprised that this tasty veg isn’t widely grown in the UK - it is one of the worlds most used vegetables: from the Italians use as a starter served simply with oil and garlic and in pasta dishes to Oriental stir fries we are sure you will enjoy it too!  This is a 60 day variety.  (50 seeds)

Kale Black Magic this British bred Italian black cabbage type is marvellous. You can pinch off young leaves for salads as soon as the plants reach 5cm tall.  Then remove the lower, outer leaves - this allows the plant to keep growing upwards and produce more leaves.  If you have the space keep the plants until they run to seed (mid-spring) and then they produce delicious shoots that you can harvest and cook in the same way as tenderstem broccoli.  This wonderful plant will give you flavour for months. (12 seeds)

Radish Hailstone ~ are you ready to start pulling up these beauties just 4 weeks after sowing them?  Speedy flavour is the name of the game here.  These lovely radishes are mild with a slightly flattened globe shape and are pure white.  To spread out your harvest sow half your packet after a 2-3 week gap. (100 seeds)   

Spring Onion Summer Isle ~ lovely flavour, sweet and mild and not as pungent as most other varieties:  this Japanese bunching onion, an AGM winner, will add a gentle tang to your meals – perfect for those summer salads  (100 seeds)

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Broccoli raab Sessantina
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Kale Black Magic
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Radish Hailstone
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Spring Onion Summer Isle
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