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Your cabbage patch could be feeding you from late May this year through to April of next year!  These five varieties cover 14 months of harvesting.  Amazing fresh flavours, a collection cabbages to explore through the year for months of homegrown goodness… one packet (20 seeds) each of...


Earliest of All ~ scrummy, speedy, British bred variety; suitable for close spacing.  Sow from February to April with the earliest heads from late May to August.

Durham Early ~ a firm favourite, this reliable variety can be enjoyed as early spring greens or allowed to heart up: sow mid July/August time for March/April harvesting                                             

Holland Late Winter ~ enjoyed straight from the garden between October and January or stored to extend your feasting time.  Sow April/May

Red Drumhead ~ superb, full of flavour and this retains the colour during cooking: enjoy from mid-September to the end of December (March to May sowing).

Tundra F1 ~ tasty dark green heads with crinkled leaves, long harvest period. Suitable for close spacing if needed.  Sow mid-April to July for crop November - March.

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Cabbage Earliest of All
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Cabbage Durham Early
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Cabbage Holland Late Winter
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Cabbage Red Drumhead
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Cabbage Tundra F1
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