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And May is the perfect month to grow these delicious pumpkins.  Whether you chose to turn them into soup, stew, bake, curry or roast these have all the flavour to make every meal a tasty treat.  You may even want to keep 1 or 2 for carving in the autumn. For the largest pumpkins you need to limit your plants to just 1 or 2 fruits each – enjoy more smaller fruits by letting them grow freely!  Contains one packet each of...




Big Max ~ in a warm summer with plenty of water and rich soil your big Max could make it to 20+kg: great for baking, with superb tasting flesh, and it is a good choice for freezing


Howden ~ good choice for eating, orange fruits to 10kg: don’t forget to toast the seeds – add spices for extra flavour.


Mammoth Gold ~ UK weather will let your fruits grow to 9-11kg, perfect conditions might see 45kg: the tasty pale orange flesh makes a good ingredient for stews & casseroles, sauces and soups.  

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Pumpkin Big Max
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Pumpkin Mammoth Gold
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