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Pace your radishes by sowing a little every week and you will be able to pull a clump at a time.  Simply cut off the tops and store the roots in the fridge and as you finish them the next clump will be ready to pull!  This collection contains one packet each of...

Black Spanish stunning heirloom: almost black with pure white flesh and a fairly hot flavour                    

Sparkler ~ look forward to deep red globe shaped roots with a striking white tip.  This AGM winner is a good choice for summer long production

Watermelon these are also known as Roseheart and feature deep green shoulders on white skin with delightful deep rose coloured flesh.  Crispy, mild and sweet.

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Radish Black Spanish Round
1 piece(s)
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Radish Sparkler
1 piece(s)
£0.60 / 1 piece(s)
Radish Watermelon
1 piece(s)
£1.00 / 1 piece(s)

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