Broccoli Raab Triple Choice

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These grow like broccoli, are related to turnips and sometimes referred to as ‘rapini’: a lovely veggie in its own right grown for its leaves, shoots and small florets – used widely from Italy to the Orient.  It is difficult to source nice and fresh from the shops so the perfect solution is to grow your own.  Our three varieties reflect the speed of growth and if they are very happy plants they can be ready sooner! 

This collection contains one packet each of...

Quarantina ~ a fast growing ’40 day’ variety grown for its immature flowering stems               

Sessantina ~ medium fast growing ’60 day’ variety, our most popular raab 

Novantina ~ named according to how long it takes to grow this is a ’90 day’ raab

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Broccoli raab Novantina
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Broccoli raab Quarantina
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Broccoli raab Sessantina
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