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June July August

We find it impossible to choose our favourite time of the year but summer in the garden it is hard to beat as there are seeds to be sown, seedlings to plant, crops to watch over and harvesting to be busy with. The plot is exuberant, filled with promise, and finding spaces for everything is becoming a challenge! Time found to sit on a bench and take it all in is food for the soul, followed by browsing with a basket to bring the freshest food home for the table (and tummy!)
Sowing in succession means that crop harvesting is spread out – you can enjoy a wide choice of fresh food at any time while avoiding a huge bout of harvest and processing a crop so that much ends up in the freezer straight away. MoreVeg packet sizes are ideal to help you get the best from your plot to your plate.

Sow and Grow

French Beans Runner Beans Beetroot Cabbages Calabrese Carrots Cauliflowers Celery Leaf Chicory Chinese Broccoli

Chinese Cabbages Choy Sum Corn Salad Courgette Cucumbers Endive Fennel Kale Kohl Rabi Komatsuna Leaf Beet

Lettuce Marrows Mibuna Mitsuba Mizuna Mustard Leaf Namenia Orach Spring Onions Pak Choi Peas Pumpkins

Summer Purslane Radish Rocket Shungiku Spinach Squash Swede Sweetcorn Turnips

Eat and Enjoy

Summer crops to look forward to:

Aubergine Beans- Broad, French & Runner
Beetroot Broccoli Raab Chinese Broccoli
Chinese Cabbage Spring & Summer Cabbages Calabrese
Carrots Cauliflowers Celery, Self Blanching Chicory Choy Sum
Corn Salad Courgettes Cucumber Endive Florence Fennel Hamburg Parsley Kale
Kohl Rabi Komatsuna Leeks Lettuce Mizuna, Mibuna, Mitsuba Namenia, Okahijiki Onions & Spring Onions
Perpetual Spinach Pak Choi Peas Peppers Radish Rocket Shallots Sempasoi & Shungiku  Summer Purslane

Salads are fully into their stride now, see page 2 for varieties that can be sown for baby leaf and cut-&-come-again salad crops