Be Inspired…Reaping the rewards

Be Inspired…Reaping the rewards

Be Inspired…Reaping the rewards

Be Inspired…         

Reaping the rewards…

                 Busy, busy, busy sums up May for gardeners.  And many of us are trying to balance work, families and the garden… everything is bursting into life, jobs need doing so it is important to enjoy and not feel overwhelmed.

                There are lots of quick 10 minute jobs you can do – just choose a good time to go out and do one of them.  I like early mornings before work.  It is a chance to breathe some fresh air, listen to the birds and just enjoy being in the garden.  My quick 10 minutes gives me all that whilst achieving one small job.  It might be earthing up the potatoes (it encourages side shoots and more tubers so a win-win thing to do).  Or I do a quick check of the oh so tasty rhubarb to make sure they aren’t sending up flowering shoots (the thick flowering stems come from the centre and just need pulling out when you spot them). A few minutes spent putting a cover of fleece or insect mesh over carrots, or indeed putting up a vertical barrier takes, will keep the carrot fly off for the rest of the season.  A gentle water in dry weather will help newly sown seeds and seedling cope if the soil starts to dry below the surface.  Even a quick ten minutes spent hoeing will make a difference – just hoe a different little bit each time you are there.

                10 minutes is time enough to sow a tray of seeds – why not try French beans (2 seeds to a pot) as they crop for months and are rally delicious.  What about trying some scorzonera in a pot… the pot needs to be at least 30cm deep but it’s a great way to try out this crop and not take up much space (it only takes 10 minutes to do!)

                After work my 10 minutes tend to be quite different.  A quick trip into the garden to forage for salad leaves (lettuce are near the house but I might sneak some pea tips, baby spinach leaves and for some aromatic flavours a quick visit to the herbs, wash them off on the way back, chop and spin and pop them on the plate for tea.  I might go and revisit the rhubarb – this time to pull stems for eating… simply grasp a stem low down and pull, it will come off quite cleanly with a bit of heal.  When I have enough its strait to the compost heap to cut the heel and leaf off then down to the kitchen.  On a cooler or wetter day I might spend my 10 minutes tying in the tomatoes and dreaming about all the tasty toms there will be to enjoy in just a little while…

                We live in a world with so many demands on our time – time hungry lives where we can feel there is never enough time to achieve.  Gardening is a wonderful way of reconnecting and discovering that just a small amount of time every day does make a difference.  You reap the rewards every day with a small job done, a difference made or gathering something that you grew so that you can eat and enjoy it.