Be Inspired…It is never too late

Be Inspired…It is never too late…

Be Inspired…It is never too late…

Be Inspired…         

It is never too late

There are loads of reasons why you might have missed spring but you haven’t missed out on growing a wonderful garden of flavour & colour: yes you can start gardening now you have reached the summer time with lots of choices to sow. 

                Just look at all the amazing oriental varieties that are available.  Growing these in the UK is still relatively unusual but not growing any of them would be to miss out on a wealth of delicious veggies.  And it just so happens that in the UK climate most of these do best when sown from summer onwards!  These make some of the best choices if you are just starting on a new garden as they are as quick as can be: many are ready to be eaten in just 4 or 5 weeks as baby leaves or used as a cut-&-come-again (more on this later) and some reach full size in just 8 weeks.  Truly satisfying,  if you are facing empty soil as you read this, to know it is not too late to be growing varieties that will give you salads and more over the weeks and months ahead.

                And if you did sow in spring you may also soon be facing empty spaces as you harvest – fill these with oriental choices to add a whole host of flavours as you grow through the summer and onwards.  You won’t be eating just salads, these oriental veggy varieties can be steamed (very quick) or tossed in a stir fry.  We don’t have a wok so I can assure you that they cook just fine tossed in a frying pan – they aren’t fussy about what you cook them in.  For those that are watching their waistlines a stir fry doesn’t have to be dripping in oil – we use  a spray or poach in a little water.  And if you aren’t keen on soy sauce then try lemon or lime juice or some pineapple and a little stevia for a touch of sweetness without loads of calories.  We also use fruity mints – this herb comes in lots of choices (root division not seed sadly) and we have grapefruit, apple, and chocolate varieties amongst others.

                Small spaces can be hugely productive with salad & baby leaves and cut-&-come-again choices: these are varieties that will resprout 2 or 3 or even more times from just one sowing.  All you need to do is leave some stem behind when you cut them and they will do all the work and resprout and grow.

                And it isn’t just veggies that would like to be sown – fill your garden and house with a wealth of summer flowers by filling a patch with our Summer Picking Mix.  This can also be left to bloom on into the autumn for weeks and weeks of colour, as I said before its not too late to grow amazing things.

                Our top summer gardening tip is keep containers well watered – a little bit regularly is always better than drought and flood!  If you soil is dry then water where you are going to sow or plant and allow it to soak in before you pop in your seeds.  And the best time to water is early in the morning or in the evening when the sunlight is not strong – besides it is cooler for carrying watering cans around.