Be Inspired…And add flowers to your plot

Be Inspired… And add flowers to your plot

Be Inspired…	 And add flowers to your plot

Because they look pretty.  Veggie plots are predominantly green and there is nothing wrong with green but our spirits are always lifted when veggie flowers appear – the bold yellows of courgettes, squashes and pumpkins, the creamy whites of broad beans (or the crimson of Crimson Flowered), the reds and whites of runners and the purples from French beans.  Growing a selection of flowers will give you a myriad of colourful blooms, cheerful and many are scented too.   All this flower will also attract pollinators to do their thing.

Pollinators love flowers.  The more the merrier.  They can buzz from bloom to bloom (pollinating) and they will stay in your garden (pollinating your veggies) for longer if there is plenty to entice them.  Adding more flowers helps to support these really useful insects from when they first emerge and then right through the seasons to the end of the year.  They support other kinds of insects too.

Natural predators also like flowers – hoverflies are some of the best natural predators there are - flowers have an important role helping to keep a balance in the garden.

Flowers can be eaten.  Those bright yellow courgette (squash and pumpkin) flowers can be picked, stuffed and eaten… but that means that that particular flower won’t go on to produce a veggie.  Now this isn’t a problem with prolific courgettes but I for one am reluctant to pick pumpkin flowers so it is great news that there are lots of other blooms that can be harvested.

A harvest of flowers is also what can be achieved from a cutting garden.  We love sweet peas and always grow some, and pick the flowers every few days to enjoy a vase full in the house, but there is a wealth of other choices too.  And if a cutting garden sounds like too much effort then we have the perfect solution: a summer picking flower mix that contains a fabulous blend of taller annual varieties and is almost as easy as throw and grow!

So pick them, eat them or simply enjoy them in the garden… above all grow some flowers in your plot.

  • some easy annuals: summer picking flower mix, aster, larkspur, marigold, stocks
  • edible petals: nasturtium, calendula, viola, Dahlia (Bishop’s Children), sunflower (Sonja, valentine & vanilla Ice are top choices), malope, nigella
  • perfect for pollinators: special flower mix for bees & butterflies, also achillea, cornflower, cosmos, eschscholotza, sunflowers, scabiosa & verbena
  • edging for paths: ammi majus, Limnanthes, marigold (Tiger Eyes)nasturtium (Tom Thumb) & calendula (Oopsy Daisy)
  • top picks for a cutting garden: cosmos, cleome, bells of Ireland, dianthus, dahlia cactus, sunflowers, honesty, nigella, sweet peas and zinnia
  • floriferous veggies & herbs: garlic chives, amaranth, dill, borage, broccoli raab, courgette, sweet cicely, squash, pumpkin, bean & pea flowers