October Inspiration

October Inspiration

October Inspiration


Be Inspired…         

“what should I grow?”

                We take several hundred varieties with us to shows, just a small part of our range and it can be mouth-wateringly exciting for some and a little overwhelming for others thus we are asked “What should I grow?”

                As there is no point (in my opinion) growing things you don’t enjoy eating a great starting point is the things that you are buying every week and eating almost every day: this is what the largest proportion of your growing space ought to be devoted to.  Then you have some space for the stuff you like to have regularly.  We are not talking about growing every single vegetable that you eat throughout the year.  You are looking at a mix between practicality and sheer pleasure: the practicality of having your own ingredients at your fingertips and the pleasure of growing flavours fresher than money can buy.

With this in mind take a look at our October sowing guide and highlight the veggies you like. 

Space will be the next thing that you will need to think about.  Is it just a few pots on a window sill or something much larger… and are you limited by time as many of us are?  If space is tight then make it work and produce lots of different things that are quick to grow or you can be harvesting regularly and will grow back to give you more than on crop from the space.  Baby leaves, beetroot, corn salad, endive, kale, lettuces and leafy greens such as spinach are all good contenders for this and will keep going into winter.  Chicory, choy sum and mibuna, mitsuba, mizuna, mustard leaves and Pak Choi would give you more variety. 

This leads neatly on to the next trick: variety.  By this I mean a little bit of different things so you have a changing range of edibles to pick and choose – we already provide small packets of seed but you don’t even need to sow all of it at the same time: and any seed that you don’t sow now will keep and can be sown in the spring. 

Thus far I have highlighted the October sowing choices – to help you keep tasty crops coming in from your plot as we move through autumn and look ahead to the coming of winter.  You are now ready to apply your decision making to the full range of vegetables for next year’s garden starting with what you like…

Get the most from your space with good cropping and repeat harvests: courgettes, tomatoes and beans are superb performers.

Fresh is best – enjoy better than you can buy with crops such as runner beans, succulent sugar snap peas, delectable sweet corn  from garden to cooked in less than the time taken to read this article! Cherry tomatoes and mini cucumbers crop all summer long to the first frosts and an unparalleled range of salad leaves that will knock the socks off a packet of pre-chopped iceberg lettuce

Explore colours and flavours that money can’t buy – our collections have some super choices for you to try

And if you have any space left over try something you have never grown before – you may be on the brink of discovering a new favourite sensational veggie.

                So my last piece of advice is to buy your top choices whilst they are in stock and get ready for a tasty future.