July Sowing Guide

Artichoke – Romanesco & Violet de Provence can be sown for

harvesting next year

Baby leaf choices – Astra, Barese, Bulls Blood,

Italiko Rosso, Magentaspreen, Molokhia, Red Carpet, Red Ruble, Red Wizard, Rubino, Sangria the delicious mixes plus Serge for pea shoots

Beans – climbing and dwarf French varieties

AND Runner Beans Aintree and Equator

Beetroot – wide range of varieties

Broccoli Red Fire

Broccoli Raab

Brussel Sprout Medio Enana De La Halle

Spring cabbage - for those in colder areas for next year –

April, Durham Early, Evergreen & Wheelers Imperial

Cabbages (for this autumn) – Copenhagen Market Early,

Early Jersey Wakefield, Elisa F1, Golden Acre

& Tundra F1 plus Tendersweet for salads

Calabrese – De Cicco, Marathon, Typhoon & Zen

Carrots – 26 choices plus a July SPECIAL OFFER

Cauliflower – Macerata Green & Sicily Purple


Chicory – Pain De Sucre, Variegata di Castelfranco & 3 others

Corn salad (4 choices)

Cress & Land Cress

Endive - Cornet De Bordeaux, Panaclieri & Romanesca Da Taglio

Florence Fennel – this is THE perfect month for sowing

chose Romanesco or Sweet Florence

Kale – Black Magic, Cottagers, Emerald Ice, Hungry Gap,

Kapral, Red Russian & Scarlet

Kohl Rabi – Korfu & Superschmelz

A wide range of Oriental Greens including

Chinese Amaranth, Chinese Broccoli,

Chinese Cabbage, Choy Sum

Komatsuna, Mibuna, Mizuna

Mustard Leaf, Namenia, Okahijiki   

Orach, Pak Choi, Shungiku & Tokyo Bekana

Leaf Beat

Lettuce – a special July collection or 30 individual choices


Peas - Douce Provence, Ambassador and Onward or choose

Serge (for shoots)


Radishes – for colour, texture and a bite of flavour

Rocket – add zing to your salads (and pizza & burgers)

Spinach & New Zealand Spinach

Spring Onions – perfect for summer sowing too

Swede – sow Invitation for the winter to come

Texel greens

Turkish Rocket – versatile and perennial

Turnips – sow now for autumn and beyond, see this month’s

forgotten flavours for more information

Green Manures – alfalfa, crimson clover, fodder

radish, field mustard and phacelia (also great

                for attracting pollinators)

Herbs – Basil (British), Borage, Chervil, Coriander, Perilla,


And if you have room then Hollyhock Charters

                Double Mixed or Calendula Wintersun which will bring you

 bright flowers through the winter months.


Now I know turnips are not flamboyant show stealers but they oughtn’t be languishing as a forgotten hero

for most gardeners




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