January Sowing Guide

The best place for starting most suitable seeds at this time of the year, even in mild areas, is on a windowsill unless you have a heated greenhouse.  Take care not to chill seedlings at night (a window sill behind a closed curtain can be much colder than the room) or to have them too wet.  Some varieties can be started under cloches or in a cold frame.

Baby Leaves – Astra Rocket, Catalogna Cerbiatta & Deronda Red lettuces, Red Ruble Kale, Red Wizard Pak Choi & Sangria leaf radish.  All can be used for salads and some can be used in cooking too

Beetroot – Bolthardy, Detroit Globe, Jannis & Lutz

Broad Beans – Aquadulce Claudia, Monica, Sutton Dwarf & Witkeim can be started in modules or pots for planting out under cloches

Cauliflower – Orkney

Chillies – hot ones such as Cayenna, Scotch Bonnet, Habanero & Slowburn do best with an early protected, warm sowing

Cress – all varieties and types

Endive – Catalogna Garnet Stem, Cornet De Bordeaux & Panaclieri

Kale – Scarlet (Red Ruble is a baby leaf type)

Leaf Beet – Erbette

Leek – Porbella, Warwick & Winter Giant

Lettuce – Barba dei Frati, Canterix, May Queen & Rouge de Hiver

Orientals: Mizuna – Red Empire, Orach & Tokyo Bekana

Onion – Globo & Santero

Parsley – lots of choices

Peas: first early ones such as Avola or Douce Provence & also Petite Provencal (a new petit pois)

Pepper – Thor likes a warm early start…

Radish – Cherry Belle & Malaga Violet

Rocket – lots of choices

Spinach – Harp is a good early choice

Tomato Choices for starting with protection include: Buffalo Sun, Defiant, Fandango, Glacier, Koralik, Lizzano, Mountain Magic & Zlatava

FLOWERS: Carnation, Hollyhock, Stocks & Sweet Peas with 18 varieties in stock AND a special collection this January

HERBS: Basil British, Coriander (indoors only), also Lemon Grass