December Sowing Guide

The lower light levels do make everything slower to grow and success will often depend on just how severe the weather is.  We tend to harvest the winter sown crops marked with * as younger leaves and not try to grow them to full size whilst under cold weather conditions.  Using protection of cloches, fleece, coldframe or greenhouse is recommended (we have used cloches and fleece inside a greenhouse in previous years). The brightest, lightest window sill can also be tried.  Good choices for this time of year include: baby leaves (we really loved the Frilly Leaf mix last winter), beetroot Detroit Globe, corn salad Elan (this did really well), cress, endive* (particularly Cornet De Bordeaux), kale Scarlet* (great colour), leaf beet Erbette*, lettuce (we recommend Meraviglia D'Inverno S. Martino as one of the best in this season and Canterix did very well too), Orach, mustard leaf Wasabina* (hot flavour!), Shungiku, parsley, rockets (Giove was great), spinach* Giant Winter or Harp, Basil British (really fab) & Coriander Filtro. 

Flower sowing: Eryngium, Stocks Miracle Mix and Sweet Peas

December Harvest Guide

What an amazing variety your garden could be producing over the winter next year: with a bit of planning comes with the bonus of saving some money when you don’t have to buy from the shops alongside all that lovely home-grown flavour. 

Broccoli: Red Admiral is amazing and Rudolph s lovely

Brussel Sprouts: we are picking Brigitte at the moment… you could also enjoy Bedford Darkmar, Brendan, Crispus, Evesham Special, Medio, Red Ball, Seven Hills, & Trafalgar

Cabbages: for a savoy look at Ormskirk, Red Drumhead for colour and January King is also great

Carrots: Eskimo is a front runner for us in December with Autumn King and Chantenay Red Cored close behind

Cauliflowers: for colour Sicily Purple (or Macerata Green, Romanesco is always amazing but for a great white curd Autumn King is doing really well 

Celeriac: I cannot pick a favourite between Del Venetto, Giant Prague and Ibis!


Chinese Broccoli



Kales: Black Tuscany and Winterbor are fab at the moment but you should also look at Pentland Brig, Spigariello and Kapral

Kohl Rabi

Leeks: Blue Green Winter Avano, Oarsman (we are picking this now) and Musselburgh are our top picks this year

Lettuces: Cantarix s proving its worth all year round


Mustard Leaves

Pak Choi

Parsnips: Guernsey, tender & True and Albion all tip top this month


Salsify & Scozonera

Spinach: Ginat Winter can not be beaten!

Swede: Brora is just getting into its stride

Tomatoes Grappoli D’Inverano (from store)

Turnips: late sowings of Snowball and Goldana will just get us to Christmas

Also protected greens such as corn salad, komatsuna, shungiku & rocket (check the December sowing guide for more)