Turnip Goldana

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TURNIP GOLDANA ~ lovely flavour, tender creamy yellow flesh 100 seeds SOW: March to August in situ. For greens and tops sow from August to September & October (under cover). Sow sparingly to minimise need to thin seedlings. GROW: Thin seedlings so that they don’t touch to develop the best roots. The thinnings can be eaten as greens. Water a regularly in dry weather. Goldana can be pulled as a mini veg after about 7-8 weeks otherwise the roots are ready 10-12 weeks after sowing. If growing for greens: for the best flavour cut when 10-15cm high and leave to resprout. EAT: peel before cooking and enjoy them mashed, roasted, in soups and casseroles. To Freeze – peel, dice, blanch for 2 minutes, plunge into cold water, drain & dry with a paper towel, pack in meal sized amounts.

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