Bigger Tomatoes

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Tomato Couer de Bouef

Outstanding variety, superb for slicing.  (12 seeds)

In stock

Tomato Marmande

Full of flavour, funky fruits grow in different shapes.  (12 seeds)

In stock

Tomato Fireworks

Start your harvest with a bang, this being one of the earliest larger toms at 55-68 days from transplanting.  The fruits can be 170g, some smaller, some bigger, with a balanced sweet flavour and dense flash (ideal for slicing).  Indeterminate

Price for 12 seeds. 

£1.10 / pack(s)
In stock

Tomato Marglobe

A tasty top-tom heirloom choice, good outdoors  BLIGHT TOLERANT (12 seeds)

In stock

Tomato Orange Wellington

Bursting with flavour, for breakfast, lunch or dinner!     (12 seeds)

£2.00 / pack(s)
In stock

Tomato Scatalone

Awesome flavour & prolific for perfect passata and super sauces  (12 seeds)

In stock

Tomato Purple Calabash naturally nurtured seeds

Expect deeply fluted fruits, pick whilst still pinkish or let them ripen to deep burgundy/purple.  Big but not huge fruits, less than 400g.  Use this heirloom as wedges in salads, chopped into salsas or for sauces where the rich, almost wine-like flavour with a citrus tang will shine.  Indeterminate

Price for 12 seeds 

£1.50 / pack(s)
In stock

Tomato Heinz 1350

Yes, really, bred for making ketchup and sauces and still going strong more than 60 years after being introduced.  You can enjoy high yields of toms, weighing 100-170g each, with skins that slip off easily after plunging into hot water.  Determinate

Price for 12 seeds 

£0.60 / pack(s)
In stock