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Koralic is a wonderful variety producing abundant, exceptionally sweet, large cherry tomatoes on plants with spreading branches rather like a small oak tree.  Being BLIGHT TOLERANT it is a good choice for short and wet seasons – something that we are all too familiar with in the UK – and your plants will not perish at the first hint of danger!  Grow Koralic in pots or hanging baskets.  Determinate. (6 seeds)


SOW:   can be sown from January to April, seed depth 5mm (early sowings like 18-21°C in a propagator or put on a windowsill).  Transplant when large enough to handle and pot on.  For outdoor growing harden off and plant after frost danger has passed.


GROW: this variety has spreading branches rather like a small oak tree – they are a good choice for containers or a hanging basket. Koralic is determinate meaning the fruits ripen at about the same time.  Being BLIGHT TOLERANT the plants cope with typical UK summer weather (damp & wet) & will not perish at the first hint of danger!


EAT: rewarding flavour and lots to enjoy

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