Tomato Cream Sausage

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Cream Sausage is very productive so you should have lots of the plump sausage shaped fruits, each up to 7cm long, to look forward too.  The flavour comes into its own when cooked: create your own thick, rich & delicious yellow tomato sauce.  This variety ripens all its fruit over a short length of time.  Determinate  Price for 12 seeds


To Make Sauce

  1. Pick your tomatoes and cut away any damaged bits.
  2. Peel them (it is worth it but not essential at this stage see step 7)
  3. Chop them up
  4. Using a heavy based pan sauté your toms in a little olive oil.  You can add garlic or/& herbs and a little salt at this stage
  5. Then turn them down to a very low heat and leave to just simmer and reduce
  6. Stir every 20 mins or so, scraping around the sides as the level drops, any caramelised bits can be mixed back in.  Just make sure it doesn’t ‘catch’ on the pan base, if it starts to do this reduce the heat more and stir more frequently. 
  7. If you didn’t peel at the beginning you can use a large sieve part way through cooking, pushing the toms through with a flexible spatula to remove the skins at this stage
  8. Reducing will take several hours so if you need to go out you can turn the pan off and then on again when you are back!
  9. Enjoy your thick and creamy rich and delicious sauce - can be stored in the fridge for a few days or freeze in portions.

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