Sweet Pea Red Ensign

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Beautiful vibrant red blooms appear in profusion.  They are on long stems (ideal for cutting) and well scented.  This older Spencer variety is tall growing: height 180-240cm

 Price for 15 seeds. 

If you are worried about not reaching the flowers at the top then consider growing these on angled canes /  /  /  rather then upright ones I  I  I  Simply push long canes in at an angle that leaves the top at a height that you can reach and use soft string to tie you plants in if they need a bit of help to climb.  Some extra watering and feeding with a high potash plant food (tomato fertilizer is ideal) will help keep them flowering throughout the season. It is very important to keep deadheading any wilting blooms - if seed pods are allowed to develop they signal to the plant to slow down and then stop producing new flowers. 

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