Sweet Pea Burnished Bronze

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Sweet Pea Burnished Bronze will provide you with rich, deep scarlet-maroon waved flowers with a lovely scent.  This is a resilient variety; petals are darker in partial shade and resistant to weather damage. The stems are long, ideal for picking, and the flower colour is much desired for arrangements.

Price for 15 seeds


Flowering late June to September.  Height to 180cm. Annual.


SOW: either in deep pots from October to February (place in a cold frame) or sow in March or April.  You can direct sow in mild areas in the spring. Some people believe that soaking the seed overnight before sowing will improve germination.


GROW:  harden off your spring sown plants before planting out in May/June for blooms from July.  Overwintered sweet peas may flower earlier than this.  Sweet peas need support: canes, netting or frame.


TOP TIP: to get the most from your sweet peas they will need extra watering and feeding with a high potash plant food (tomato fertilizer is ideal) to keep flowering throughout the season. It is really important to keep deadheading any wilting blooms - if seed pods are allowed to develop it will stop the plant producing flowers.

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