Radish Mooli Minowase naturally nurtured seed

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Minowase is a mooli type, a Japanese heirloom that is really versatile - think salads, stir fry, stews, pickled, steamed or raw!  The flavour is unique…radishy (I can’t quite find a better word) and mild (not too pungent) whilst juicy and crisp (almost brittle).  You can harvest from when the shoulders reach about marble size or grow on for the longest roots (30+cm).  Definitely one to have fun with


Price for 100 seeds


SOW: from spring to autumn, however, avoid the hottest weather (Jul/Aug).  Sow the seeds in situ 10mm deep and aim for about 4cm spacing (they can grow big).  Sow every 3 weeks to spread out your harvest. 


GROW: they like to be moist but not waterlogged.  Minowase mature in 12-14 weeks… remember you can eat the younger thinings you pull when making room for the rest to grow on.


EAT: an essential ingredient in many oriental dishes – use in salad, soup, stew, stir fry and curry or try steaming them to use as a side veg.  Pickle or use in kimchi

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