Papaver Maanzaad

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Maanzaad – produces gorgeous open papery white single flowers with pink markings.  Gorgeous planted as a drift. Pick to keep flowering through the summer and allow some seed pods to develop.  These contain the seed rather than scattering which makes this so good for collection the seed to use on breads (this variety is also known as the Bread Seed Poppy, their name is Dutch for bread), scatter on a salad, stir into a dressing or add to a curry.  Height 90cm   Price for 200 seeds


SOW & GROW: in prepared ground where they are to flower, during March to June.  Just cover the seeds, germination usually takes about 3 weeks and flowering will be in mid-summer.  Alternatively, you can sow August to October (protect these seedlings with cloches over the winter) to flower in the following late spring.  Thin to 20-30cm apart so young plants have room to grow.


ENJOY: cut whilst in bud and sear the stem ends with a match (or in boiling water for 20 seconds), place immediately in fresh clean water helps blooms last for longer. Pods can be used in arrangements or dry & collect the seeds for using in your kitchen.

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