Oriental Mustard Leaf Golden Streaks

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This ticks lots of our boxes! It is quick (6-7 weeks), it has very attractive serrated leaves that are a mild and sweet tasting making them as good as they look. In the kitchen the leaves are tender enough to use in salads but also robust enough to be steamed (like cabbage) or stir fried. For a small garden this variety is ideal for incorporating an edible plant into decorative beds. Price for 50 seeds

SOW: in spring and autumn.  Starting the seeds in modules enables you to transplant at the 2/3 leaf stage; for really good crops in winter transplant under cover

GROW: it just grows!  Space at 10-30cm depending on the size of plant you want.  Keep watered in very dry weather, ready to harvest after 8-7 weeks. 

EAT: enjoy the flavour: sweet with herbal tones, cabbage with a hint of spiciness

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