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Sweet Spanish White – mild and sweet, perfect for onion rings in a salad or cooking with chard stems.  For a naughty treat fry them for onion rings, perfect caramelized for soups and pickles or roasted (think side dish or for casseroles)… has quickly made itself a favourite culinary variety here!  With care these can store through the winter in to the new year.   Price for 60 seeds



Something new to know

White Sweet Spanish is mild enough to eat raw: you don’t need to munch it like an apple just add it to salads and let the flavour sing.  Now to grow the sweetest bulbs just give them a bit of shade (dappled or part shade in the day…not deep dry shade) and plenty of water.

So, if you also want an onion variety to pack even more of a punch you basically do the opposite - grow that variety in full sunshine and be more sparing with the water – your onions will be under stress and more pungent: less water will also give you smaller bulbs and if you try growing with far too little water your poor onions will shrivel so don’t go full Sahara desert mode!


And another thing… onions are said to ward off many insect pests around lettuce, cabbage and carrots

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