Nasturtium Black Velvet

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Black Velvet has a unique colour for a nasturtium, rich velvety red-black petals surround a dusky centre.  These blooms are set off by the fresh green leaves of the compact plants.  Sumptuous display of blooms, this variety is perfect for edging or containers and is good enough to eat!  Height to 30cm

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EDIBLE, like all other nasturtiums, they taste slightly pepperyThe leaves and colourful flowers will enrich salads, add them to fish dishes too and scatter over rice.  The unripe seeds can used like capers – delicious combined with cream cheese.


Did you know…

Nasturtiums prefer a poor soil.  If you are too nice with a rich compost and/or feeding your plants will produce lots of leaves and not many flowers.  Water regularly until established. Once established they need little attention.  If you are going to plant into containers as summer bedding with a nice multipurpose compost then consider using a low nutrient seed compost for the planting holes around your nasturtiums

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