Multicoloured Carpet Flower Mix

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Grow your own carpet of flowers in a rich tapestry of colours. This colossal mix of 28 annuals is perfect for creating resplendent summer borders or edges (height 20-40cm).  Sow these between March and June and the flowers will appear 6-12 weeks later.  Look forward to Linaria, Dwarf Morning Glory, Eschscholzia, annual Alyssum, annual Lupin, Zinnia, Silene, Coreopsis, Dimorphotheca, Sanvitalia… and lots lots more!  Sufficient seed for 2sqm  


Chose a location for your Multicoloured Carpet to grow – a border, along a path, in front of a patio, beside the front door… now weed and dig the soil thoroughly to a fine tilth.  Mix the seed with about 4g of sharp sand or vermiculite – this will help mix the seeds and show you where you have sown them.  You can make drills so that your plants will grow in rows (to help with weeding) or simply broadcast over the area for a more naturalised and relaxed atmosphere – almost as easy as ‘throw and grow’.  Sow from March (will take a little longer to come into flower in colder weather) through April and May and even in June (summer sowing will need a bit more care and watering as the plants will need to establish roots when it could be hot and dry).  Sit back and enjoy your resplendent blooms – a veritable carpet of colour.

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