Melon Arava F1 naturally nurtured seed

Melon Arava F1 naturally nurtured seed

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MELON ARAVA F1 ~ a perfectly round melon with smooth, netted skin turning yellow when ripe. The flesh is a beautiful aromatic sweet green 4 seeds SOW: in spring, one seed per pot, water, cover with polythene & keep at about 18°C until germinated. Uncover and grow on in a warm spot until it has 4 proper leaves. GROW: Although Arava is a reliable variety in less than perfect summers it does need protection and will benefit from the warmth of the sun through greenhouse glass. Plant in the greenhouse border or in a grow bag - they like the soil to be rich and moist. EAT: Arava will need about 11 weeks to ripen from when the fruit sets, look out for when it changes colour to yellow to show you it is ripe – enjoy its aromatic sweetness.

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