Lettuce Bronze Guard

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Bronze Guard is a wonderful oakleaf variety with rich bronze tinged, green leaves.  The flavour is more complex and contrasts well with the sweeter varieties, bridging the gap between lettuce and the sharpness of rocket.  As you can easily pick the outer leaves (it will just keep growing) you could use it as a garnish but let it sing in a mixed salad or use it to compliment the natural sweetness of tomatoes and enjoy the distinctive flavour.    Price for 75 seeds


SOW: a little seed 15mm deep every 2-3 weeks from spring to summer.   You can start them in modules and transplant so that there is no need to thin. 


GROW: simply plant out each little clump from your module spacing them out at 15-20cm. As they grow you can pick off the outer leaves and Bronze Guard will just keep growing.  As the plants age the flavour, as with all lettuces, changes so when that happens simply replace with a fresh young batch from a more recent sowing.  In this way you will have a steady supply over many weeks.


EAT: serve up with tomatoes, perk up cucumbers or let it shine in a mixed salad.  Mix with parsley and rocket for a more piquant garnish.    

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