Komatsuna Kimono F1

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Komatsuna Kimono F1 – super dark green leaves are held upright: makes picking easy from babyleaf (will resprout) through to maturity, keeping the leaves clear of soil splash and accessible. Enjoy raw in salads or as a versatile cooked green with a long season to grow and harvest.

Price for 40 seeds


SOW & GROW: from March onwards to September (protect late sowings from frost).  Sow sparingly a pinch every few weeks for a supply of young leaves.  They prefer sun but will grow, with less colouring, in the shade. 


EAT: cut the plants when 10-15 tall.  You can simply cut or chop a few leaves into a mixed salad.  Wilt them in a little butter in a pan, add to stir fry or steam and serve with olive oil and lemon juice.  

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