Kohl Rabi Blue Delikatess naturally nurtured seed

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Blue Delikatess has lovely blue/purple-skinned ‘bulbs’ with crisp, white flesh. These bulbs are really the swollen stem and you should harvest when this swelling has reached at least 5cm diameter (between golf to tennis ball size).  You can choose to sow early for growing with protection or later for planting outside.  This is a bolt resistant variety.  The bulbs can be eaten raw in salads or as a cooked veg and the leaves are also edible (cook and serve them as you would kale)


Did you know

Khol Rabi is a good choice for a small space (plant at 15-20cm apart) and it is not troubled by much in the way of pests, although slugs can be a problem at the seedling stage which is why we think they are best sow in modules and planted out once they have got going.  Even cabbage white butterflies tend to ignore them perhaps because they have far fewer leaves than other brassicas.

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