Helianthus Harlequin F1

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Introduce this show-stopper to your plot.  Fabulous choice for cutting as it has a branching habit with multi coloured blooms featuring shades of bronze, reds & oranges and a most delectable rose-pink. Each flower can be 15cm in diameter. This is a pollen-free variety.  Plants can reach 150cm tall.  Annual

Sunflowers are a super easy annual to grow.  Sow indoors in February or March in individual pots or modules, about 1cm deep.  They need about 20°C warmth.  Germination takes 1-2 weeks.  They can be sown later in April in pots or in situ (where they are going to grow and flower) in a milder area.   This is a pollen-free variety making it a perfect choice for cut flowers - the branching habit means that there are lots of blooms on every plant.  

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