Helianthus Autumn Beauty

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Autumn Beauty displays a stunning mix of warm, more earthen, shades including gold, bronzes, browns and burgundy.  These large blooms, 10-20cm across, can appear in solid or bi-colour forms.  And the show just goes on… these are multi headed tall plants reaching 180cm to 250cm high.  Following behind the flowers come the seed heads to feed your winter birds.

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To dry sunflower seeds, cut the heads off when they begin to yellow at the back and hang them upside down in a dry location away from rodents and birds. Some seeds may fall off as they dry.  You can hang a head from your bird feeder or, if you prefer, rub the seeds off the heads and feed a little at a time to your wild birds.  The seeds are rich in natural oils and they help birds maintain winter condition to survive cold weather

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