Gaillardia Bloomin Colourful Mix

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This bloomin Colourful Mix is exactly that: large daisy flowers, each with a bright yellow centre.  The single blooms range from cream to deep pink. Grow them where they can move in the breeze.  A good cut flower that is attractive to butterflies and bees.  Height to 75cm    Price for 50 seeds


SOW: during March to April in a tray of seed compost, lightly cover with perlite or vermiculite and then place in a cold frame.  Germination takes 2-3 weeks.  When they have their first true leaves pot on into small pots.  Gradually harden off


GROW:  space plants at 20cm apart.  They may need staking.  They like to be in a well-drained and sunny position: mid border will suit them well.


ENJOY: remove dead heads to encourage more blooms to be produced.  These strong stemmed flowers are super cut for a vase in your home.  They are attractive to bees and butterflies in your garden

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