Florence Fennel Di Firenze

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Di Firenze is a traditional Italian variety best sown in June and July when our weather has warmed up a bit!  It quickly grows mild crisp white ‘bulbs’ that can be harvested from August to October.  Price for 25 seeds. 

SOW: wait until June or July. You can use modules to it easier to plant out without disturbing roots then there is no need to this or sow in a damp drill where they are to grow.  Seeds need to be 10-15mm deep.

GROW:  transplant at 4/5 leaf stage.  Plants need to be 20cm apart.  Keep the plants growing smoothly by watering & feeding well & mulch if possible.  It is traditional (not essential) to earth up when the bulb starts to swell.  Cut at least 2.5cm above ground and leave roots to resprout – these small tasty shoots are delicious in salads but will need cloches as the weather cools. 

EAT:  from late August to October.  Remove the outer leaves then steam, grill or boil.  Use as a mini vegetable if harvested early; the leaves are delicious in salads.

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