Endive Cornet De Bordeaux

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Cornet De Bordeaux is one of the hardiest varieties that can be used for constant cutting making it ideal for use in a salad leaf mixture. Sow all year round for cut and come again or sow in modules in July and August for use from early winter. You can grow them in the open or with protection. It has a lovely tangy flavour Price for 40 seeds

SOW: all year round for cut-and-come-again use or sow in modules in July to September for use from early winter.  For winter use transplant under cover.  Germination is sometimes erratic in hot weather.

GROW:   space single plants 20-35cm apart.  Cut heads and leave to resprout (less likely to do this if blanched).  Keep watered.  Blanching is a matter of taste.  The leaves MUST be dry or they will rot.  Cover the centre or the entire plant to exclude light for about 10 days.  Use quickly after this or they will deteriorate.

EAT: main use is raw in salads but endive can also be cooked – try braising it.

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