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At their best sown from summer time to follow on your early crops with a new flush of fresh flavours.  Versatle, speedy and tasty just pop them in a soon as your harvesting creates a space and grow a patchwork of wonderful exotic varieties.

This collection contains one packet each of...

Chinese Amaranth Passion ~ each fresh and rich plum red leaves

Chinese Cabbage Wong Bok ~ versatile for salads, steamed or stir fry

Komatsuna Malachai ~ glossy dark leaves for salads or steaming

Minutina ~ Succulent crunchy texture with sweet flavour reminiscent of parsley

Shungiku ~ leaves, shoots and flowers are all delightful salad ingredients

This includes the following individual products

1 piece(s)
£0.60 / 1 piece(s)
Chinese Amaranth Passion (bicolour)
1 pack(s)
£0.75 / 1 pack(s)
Chinese Cabbage Wong Bok
1 piece(s)
£0.60 / 1 piece(s)
Komatsuna Malachai F1
1 pack(s)
£0.60 / 1 pack(s)
Oriental Shungiku Salad
1 piece(s)
£0.60 / 1 piece(s)

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