Cucumber Femspot F1

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Femspot are so tasty: superb quality with long, lovely fruits that are slightly ribbed.  They really do best grown in a greenhouse or polytunnel. We have had cucumbers from July on to the first frost. A truly outstanding all female variety. Price for 4 seeds.

SOW & GROW: inside in April/early May in individual pots, keep warm and moist (not waterlogged).    Femspot really does need the additional shelter and warmth of a greenhouse (or conservatory) to do its best.  The fruits are produced on the main stem and it is possible to tie in the plants as cordons up a single string or wire – leaving space in your greenhouse for other crops.  Don’t grow an all-female cucumber with other types as it will be affected by cross pollination.  Male flowers can appear under stress conditions, these should be removed immediately

EAT: We have enjoyed Femspot fruits from July to the first frost in autumn.

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