Cucumber Armenian Yard Long

Cucumber Armenian Yard Long

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CUCUMBER ARMENIAN YARD LONG ~ Stun family, friends and neighbours alike with these amazing, slim, light green, mild, crisp salad cucumbers that can reach 75-90cm in length! 4 seeds SOW & GROW: inside in April/early May in individual pots, keep moist (not soggy) and warm. When they have 2/3 leaves harden off over a couple of weeks before planting out. They like a very sunny and sheltered site or grow in a greenhouse. Let this variety scramble on the ground for fantastic twisted shapes or grow up a sturdy trellis so the fruits hang straight. Keep plants weeded and well watered. These will ripen later in the season. EAT: Try these slices and sprinkled with a little salt & pepper, a touch of vinegar and even some garlic or onion – add sour cream and chill before feasting! When very ripe they have a flavour reminiscent of melon

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