Climbing Italian Bean Marvel of Venice

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Marvel of Venice is an heirloom Italian bean characterised by its wonderful rich buttery sweet flavour.  This is an early producing Romano bean, ready to harvest in approximately 55 days, producing long light to honey yellow pods, delicious at every stage from young (for eating whole) right through to dried beans.  These are tall vining plants. 


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Why are we not calling this a Climbing French Bean?  Well, its Italian for a start!  And these are unique… add lightly cooked or raw young beans to salads or serve alongside dips… grow them on a bit and then you will discover that they can be braised, steamed, simmered, grilled, deep-fried, and sautéed.  In fact, the meaty texture of the cooked beans makes them the go to choice for prolonged cooking preparations: stews, soups or served braised as a side dish.  And yes, I did mention that they can be deep-fried!  All the while their flavour shines through – truly a marvel.


But yes, you do grow them in the same way as climbing French Beans!

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