Cleome Violet Queen

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Cleome Violet Queen sumptuous is the best word I can find to describe the purple blooms. These airy loose balls of flowers, 12-15cm across, are fragrant, loved by bees and followed by seed pods. These become a seed source for birds late on in the year. Long lasting and statuesque and with careful picking fab in a display. Flowers June to September.

Height to 120cm.


Price for 100 seeds

SOW: between March and May in pots or modules of seed compost, lightly cover with perlite or vermiculite & put them where the daytime temperatures will be warm such as coldframe, greenhouse or windowsill.  Germination: about 2 weeks. 

GROW:  after germination grow on with protection, potting up if necessary before eventually planting after all frost risk has passed.  Space plants about 20-25cm apart in a sunny and well drained position

ENJOY: these look lovely with verbena, amazing with sunflowers and pretty good with everything else (bees and butterflies love them).  Careful picking (there is a spine at the base of each leaf) will give you a lovely cut flower.

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