Chinese Cabbage Wong Bok

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Wong Bok is very fast: ready to harvest after 8-9 weeks and ready for use as cut-and-come-again after just 4-5 weeks! This is an Asian heirloom variety that has light green leaves that will grow into large barrel shaped heads as they mature. Price for 20 seeds

SOW: from June to August: traditionally after the longest day. You can sow in modules and plant out when young – ideal if sowing successionaly – or you can sow the seeds directly in the soil.

GROW: water these regularly, a little and often, as they are shallow rooted. They like a liquid feed, try seaweed or comfrey, but it is not essential.

EAT: you can shred them for use in salads or for steaming steam lightly.  Cut the leaves thinly for a crispier finish in a stir fry. After cutting a head it can be stored for several weeks in a fridge or a cool, frost-free place but they will need to be checked regularly.

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