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Unusual and multi-talented Celtuce is both tasty and a great garden performer.

It is easy to grow and very productive, there is little waste as you use the stems like celery and the leaves like lettuce - it is sometimes called Stem Lettuce for this reason. 

Sow successionally from mid April to July in modules and harvest 3-4 months later. Celtuce will stand more heat in hot summers than lettuce (and it does not seem to mind wet weather either so perfect for our British weather!). 

EAT:  you can eat the leaves raw in salad alternatively you can cook them as greens.  For the stems peel off the outer layer then slice thinly for salad or cut into larger pieces for cooking.  They can be eaten raw or cooked then cooled for salad.  You can also stir fry celtuce stems – try seasoning with garlic, chilli, soy or oyster sauce.  We have also baked the stems in a sauce (we have enjoyed them in a cheese sauce and we have used a tomato sauce whilst baking in a mixed veg dish, other sauces are for you to try!)

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