Celery Greensleeves F1

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Celery Greensleeves F1 - featuring an excellent flavour and almost stringless crunchy texture make this variety a perfect choice for salads.  These lovely green stemmed plants rarely bolt and being cold resistant can be cropped through to November         Price for 50 seeds

SOW: in March to May.  You can use a propagator, a greenhouse or a window sill – they like a temperature of 15-20°C.  The seeds need light to germinate and need to be sown on the surface.

GROW: prick out into small pots when large enough to handle (holding by a leaf) and grow on.  Plant at 5/6 leaf stage after hardening off and all danger of frost has passed.  Aim for a 20-25cm spacing.  This type of celery is shallow rooted and will appreciate regular watering and a feed. 

EAT: a perfect choice for summer salads Being cold resistant Greensleeves can be cropped through to November: just the right time for soups, stews and casseroles as the weather cools down

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