Carrot Tendersweet

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Tendersweet carrots have isiimply incredible sweetness even when large (20-30cm), our favourite for carrot sticks but worry not, cooking just means more ways of enjoying the flavour and they keep their deep colour too even after freezing. The purple tinged foliage also looks great! Price for 150 seeds

SOW: at no more than 10mm deep from March to August: early spring before mid-March or from July can avoid the worst of the carrot fly.  For early sowings warm the soil with the cloches before sowing or wait for warmer weather. Remember to dig the soil thoroughly first.   Sow Tendersweet thinly as they grow quickly otherwise you will need to thin them out. 

GROW: keep moist and weed free.  Start pulling young carrots after 9-10 weeks, this variety stays beautifully sweet even when 20-30cm long. 

EAT: this is our own our favourite for carrot sticks for dips or lunchboxes, they are lovely in salads or cooked. 

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