Carrot Sylvano F1

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Sylvano F1 has superb sweet roots, with a rich colour throughout and a lovely smooth skin.  They grow to about 18cm long.  This is a delicious variety that can over-winter to give you fresh carrots from your plot through to February.  Price for 150 seeds

SOW:  from May to early August, make a drill 10mm deep and sprinkle the seed in thinly, cover and water with a fine rose. 


GROW: keep them weed free – carrots don’t like the competition. Your first Sylvano may be pulled in September.  This variety takes 120 days (more as the weather cools) & being a cold resistant variety your later sowings will crop through the winter months. If extreme cold is forecast, or your soil freezes solid, you may prefer to straw the crop but for most gardeners this will not be necessary


EAT: enjoy the sweetness fresh from your plot through the winter

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