Carrot Sugarsnax F1

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This variety will be ready to harvest within 12-18 weeks but can be pulled sooner for baby carrots. It is tender with an excellent flavour even at maturity. It benefits from good disease tolerance and it is also high in Beta-carotene. Price for 150 seeds

SOW: 10mm deep from March to July.  Dig the soil well & sow thinly to minimise the need for thinning.  Sowing in early spring before mid-March (warm the soil with the cloches) or late June/July can avoid the worst of the carrot fly.

GROW: Keep moist and weed free – they don’t like the competition.  Sugarsnax can be harvested early as baby carrots or allowed to mature for 12-18 weeks

EAT: Enjoy the flavour when pulled fresh from the garden.  Can be stored in a poly bag in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.  To Freeze - slice or dice larger carrots, freeze baby carrots whole, blanch for 3 minutes, plunge in cold water, drain and pack into convenient sized potions.

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