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Cardoon is a wonderfully dramatic plant, quite hardy in cooler area. Found as an ingredient in traditional French cuisine. Why not grow them for their crispy edible stalks and mid-ribs, the young buds can be eaten like Artichoke hearts.  Price for 6 seeds

SOW: When & Where – either sow in March in a propagator at around 13ºC or wait until it is warmer in mid April to sow them in pots.

GROW: Harden off and plant out after all frost danger has passed at about 60cm apart. They like a sunny position but water them if the weather turns dry. Cardoons will be ready for blanching in late summer or early autumn: do this by tying the stalks together (loosely), then wrap the group of stems in newspaper to block out the light. Leave them wrapped for 3-4 weeks. When you are ready to harvest dig up the whole plant and trim off the roots and outer leaves. You may be able to successfully replant the roots for the next year.

TO EAT: the blanched stalks can be eaten raw after peeling and slicing them. You can also cook them for use in soups & stews as an alternative to celery. The young buds can be eaten like Artichoke hearts.

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