Cabbage Red Acre

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What is there not to love about Red Acre? With a fabulous flavour, it will add a super dash of colour to coleslaw or as a cooked vegetable. It is a quick growing choice, allow it about 11 weeks from sowing to harvest. It produces small compact plants with round, reddish-purple heads that are about 15cm across and weigh up to a kilo. Sow in spring and munch from May to July. Price for 20 seeds.

SOW: from March to May, starting in pots or modules and planting out when large enough to handle after hardening off.  Space at 20cm apart.

GROW: allow about 11 weeks to harvesting.  The compact heads will grow to about 15cm across and weigh up to a kilo.  This variety is a very good choice for small garden spaces.

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