Broccoli White Sprouting

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These creamy white spears (like tiny cauliflowers on stems) are mild, tender and succulent.  Sow in spring for harvesting the following year, its easy to forget how long they take but well worth the wait.  Price for 24 seeds. 

SOW your broccoli seeds 10mm deep.  For a succession sow an early variety first, then later varieties

variety jan feb mar april may june july aug sept oct nov dec
Cardinal     h S/H S/H S            
Purple Sprouting Early   H H S S            
Purple Sprouting Late     h S/H S/H   t t        
Red Admiral F1 H (H) (H)   S (S) (S)         H
Red Blaze F1     s S S S t t/h h h H H  
Rudolph (H) (H)   S S (S)       H H H
White Sprouting   H S/H S/h S              
S main sowing                        
t transplant                        
H main harvesting                        
s early or late sowing possible                        
h early harvesting                        
(H) late harvest possible                        

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