Serge: for pea shoots (baby leaf)

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Scrummy sweet tasting shoots and tendrils, indeed it produces tendrils vigorously and being semi leafless it makes it a top choice for pea shoots.  After trimming they will resprout so even more delicious shoots will grow.  We suggest sowing a pot every week so that you can rotate your containers for trimming regularly – treat them like any other cut-&-come-again.  You can also grow these on as a vining pea for pods which you can pick young as a mangetout or shell for sweet flavoured mature peas…but that would deprive you of the pea shoots.  So many options, so much deliciousness!


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How to grow pea shoots – simply find a container 5-7cm deep. Fill with seed compost and sow the seeds 1.5cm deep with only a small gap between seeds.  Now place the container on a windowsill (or in a coldframe) and keep moist. The pea shoots will be ready to harvest 3-4 weeks after sowing, when 7-10cm tall. Snip off and add to your salads or pop in a stir fry.  Water after trimming to help them grow again.

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